Research & Development

Our R&D vision is to combine world-class science and innovation to discover, develop and deliver new products that make a difference and improve our way of life. As advances in biotechnology persist, the need for new products continues to grow.

We are committed to delivering more new products to the market every year.

In today’s world of rapid scientific and technological advance, no company can rely exclusively on it’s own discovery and development. We work with leading companies with skills that complement our own capabilities.

Embracing new science and emerging technologies, while applying modern thinking to all disciplines and projects ensures that our research is at the forefront of innovation.

Every new product is the result of an intensive and focused research process. During this quest we carefully examine every possibility to find the most efficient product.

It is a long, painstaking and costly process but often a very exciting one. Thousands of ideas are reviewed but only a tiny fraction of them survive our rigorous process to become valued additions.